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Dayton Children's New NICU

imagine an evolution
in NICU care

Dayton Children's has imagined a new, state-of-the-art NICU to provide even better care for the region's newborns for generations to come.

The newly-designed NICU will offer an array of enhanced features that have been proven to contribute to better outcomes and shorter stays for our most fragile newborns. Plans include:

  • A state-of-the-art NICU triple the size of the current facility
  • Private room concepts that provide personalized climate control and adequate space for both the care of babies and their families
  • A dedicated entrance for the more than 70% of babies that arrive via transport
  • A more suitable environment for “Kangaroo Care” – skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby, as well as more privacy and support for breastfeeding mothers
  • Additional space for isolation babies who have contagious conditions
  • Additional conference room space for education/training
  • A common area that can be used for families to socialize, dine and rest
  • Space for a milk lab where a dedicated lab technician can prepare feedings

Why a new NICU?
Dayton Children's has embarked on a long-range facility and campus renewal plan for the hospital’s Valley Street campus to improve the delivery of care to  the region's children. The heart of the plan is a new 260,000 square-foot, eight-story patient tower in the center of hospital’s campus. Because
nearly 70 percent of the current facilities are older than 35 years and have approached the end of useful life for the delivery of clinical care, the tower will feature all new spaces for specialized care. The tower's design will incorporate the most up to date features for delivery of the best comprehensive care to children in our community, including a new NICU for critically-ill newborns and premature babies

Construction on the new patient tower started in spring 2014; the new NICU will be one of the first areas constructed. The patient tower is a $141 million project and the entire facility is expected to be completed in 2017.


Dayton Children's NICU cares for the region's most fragile babies and their families.  Learn more.

IMAGINE: The new NICU will offer more privacy to families for bonding and health-enhancing techniques like Kangaroo Care.

Caden's LifePrint

A competitive soccer player and honor student, Caden was born premature and with a serious birth defect requiring immediate surgery and a 30 day stay in Dayton Children's NICU. "Caden is alive today because of Dayton Children's," explains his mother. Learn more about Caden's NICU experience:  Caden's LifePrint.pdf
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Bryce's LifePrint

Growing from a newborn struggling to breathe into a strong State Champion Athlete, Bryce's LifePrint began at Dayton Children's NICU. "Something that could have been a heart-breaking travesty instead turned into the beginning of my son's amazing life," says his father. Read Bryce's LifePrint.

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