cha|cha is the premier fundraising event benefiting Dayton Children's Hospital.  

The Women’s Board is working to raise $1 million at cha|cha 2022 to help meet the critical needs of the Hospital for the advancement of innovative pediatric care, pediatric cancer research, patient-family care transformation, and community health. 

Children, when in a vulnerable medical state, need immediate, high-quality medical care.  Dayton Children’s has worked tirelessly and emphatically to build a strong structural foundation and space to care for our children’s vulnerable medical needs.  Now is the time to build from within by providing optimal health for every child within our reach. Focusing on the heart of our hospital patients' needs, research, innovative space, and health. 

Dayton Children’s relentless pursuit of optimal health has been nationally recognized for their various pediatric specialties. Maintaining world-class care is our objective.

Mark your calendars! 

The next cha|cha event is May 6, 2022

We are proud to announce that cha|cha 2019 was named by the Dayton Business Journal as the


#1 Dayton Fundraising Event of the year! 

With revenue coming in at about $927,000 and 500 people in attendance, it was absolutely an event to remember!  

20190302_Cha Cha_ml-3407.jpg