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mental health building

our children's mental health need is growing

Even though Dayton Children’s opened an inpatient mental health unit in July 2019, those 24 beds are not enough to care for the skyrocketing need. In February, 178 kids stayed in medical rooms for physical health needs at Dayton Children’s, waiting for a bed to open in a behavioral health unit – not just at Dayton Children’s but anywhere nearby. According to health care analytics and forecasting groups, by 2029 the expected need for pediatric mental health inpatient beds in the Dayton region is 45-50 beds. Our new mental health building will:

  • double the number of behavioral health inpatient beds at Dayton Children’s

  • improve youth depression and anxiety levels

  • reduce 30 day readmission rates for inpatient behavioral health

Mental health is the health care crisis of this generation.  Dayton Children's has been racing to keep up with demand, but the need is overwhelming and we must do. more.  And we need your help.  With your support, this new building will create a continuum of care that will enable us to: 

  • Improve continuity of care by co-locating a full continuum of mental health services (inpatient, outpatient and crisis services)

  • Increase number of children leaving crisis center and inpatient until who are connected to outpatient therapy

  • Expand bridge therapy to help kids connect to timely therapy services

  • Recruit and retain mental health staff

  • Provide customized outdoor space that is critical to healing

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