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June 1, 2024

Because of our generous donors, the Women’s Board achieved $1.16 million at cha|cha 2022 to fund care transformation, mental health, and health equity, and to support the vision of optimal health for every child in our region and beyond!  This is the largest amount raised in cha|cha history! 

For cha|cha 2024 our goal is to provide funding for a mental health building.  Mental health is the health care crisis of this generation. Dayton Children’s has been racing to keep up with demand, but the need is overwhelming and we must do. more. And we need your help. With your support, this new building will create a continum of care that will enable us to:

  • Improve continuity of care by co-locating a full continuum of mental health services (inpatient, outpatient and crisis services)

  • Increase number of children leaving crisis center and inpatient unit who are connected to outpatient therapy

  • Expand bridge therapy to help kids connect to timely therapy services

  • Recruit and retain mental health staff

  • Provide customized outdoor space that is critical to healing

A task feasible with the support of our local community and beyond!  The Women’s Board extends a heartfelt thank you to each sponsor for your support to improve the lives of children in our region.


Please contact our event co-chairs at to become a sponsor or for any other information.

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